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About Us

Naav is a fashion brand. We specialize in pagan, black, occult, gothic and other fashion.

About us:

The Naav fashion brand was founded in 2017, but it has come after many years of development.
The impulse for creation has become friendship and fruitful cooperation between the people of Wulflund and members of Welicoruss (Russia, Serbia) - a symphonic metal band.
When combining youth, the urge to fulfil goals and Slavic blood, the outcome are interesting creations, for example, Naav - a new brand of clothing, jewellery and accessories for the domestic and foreign markets.
The purely Czech company Wulflund (founded in 2005) shook the world under the Wulflund brand, especially in the US by selling jewellery, leather products and forged weapons replicas.
The Welicoruss band saw the Siberian light in 2002 in Novosibirsk, Russia, and is also known more abroad than in their homeland.
Pan-Slavic cooperation was also reflected in the NAAV label, which is based on the mythological label "Nav" or the Slavic otherworld. It can be imagined as a meadow, where people's souls are grazing and where the God Veles, who was the inspiration for our logo.

The Slavic and Nordic storms rises ...