MOLDAVITE Raw Stone from the Czech Republic 1g

43.75 €
Availability: 4-6 weeks
(catalogue number: MLD375)

Moldavite is a green meteorite glass that was formed during a meteorite impact 14.5 mil. years ago in the area of Nördlinger (Bavaria, Germany) where the crater of Ries was formed (24 km in diameter). It is supposed that the meteorite was 1 km in diameter. The impact caused melting of sedimentary rocks which were hurled into the air, where they cooled and fell down in an area 250 km away, mainly in South Bohemia, the Czech Republic. The meteorite glass is named after the river Vltava (the Moldau) which flows through this region.

  • Original Moldavite from southern Bohemia, Czech Republic
  • Weight: approx 1g

Each piece is unique and varies in size and shape, pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, on request we can send you a photo of the actual stone.

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