TRIGLAV Slavic Pendant silver

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Triglav is the God from Slavic mythology, revered in Wolin and Szczecin by the Pomeranian tribe. Triglav has three heads because he governs three realms: Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld.

The biographer Herbord states that the main Szczecin shrines were built using special art and mastery, with carvings of people and birds on the outside and inside. According to the customs of old, this shrine was a place to gather the conquered treasures and weapons of their enemies. A three-headed idol stood in this hall portraying three heads on a torso. It was called Triglav (Triglaus).

A black horse with a richly decorated saddle is also dedicated to Triglav. He was taken care of by a priest of one of the temples which was used to prophesy, as Herbord describes.

A folk myth from the 19th century is probably related to the cult of Triglav. The myth reads that you can see a beautiful black horse grazing in the moonlight on Midsummer's night, but the horse will disappear if someone approaches it.

  • Size: 3 x 4.1 cm
  • Material: sterling silver
  • Weight approx. 25g
  • Production: Wulflund

Our medallion is unique thanks to its weight (25g of sterling silver) compared to others which usually weigh between 5-8g. The design is a result of our collaboration with the top Serbian designer Sasa Ristic, who is known for his distinctive style reflecting both naturalness and roughness.

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